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Hetalia Rhode Island
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23rd-Mar-2011 09:57 pm - COSPLAY MUSIC VIDEO
 Anyone who lives in the Warwick area knows: the RI Mall is closing in May. Every notice that place is a ghost town? Well while being an idiot doing stupid things in there with some friends, I noticed HOW PERFECT  IT IS FOR A COSPLAY VIDEO. FOLLOW THE SHORTCUT TO A COSPLAY MUSIC VIDEO MASTERPIECE!
No one to judge you.
No one to get in the way.
A see-through elevator,
 and escalators,
deserted shop-fronts to mess in......
Want it to happen? Make this go Southenr-New-England-Viral. Send it to EVERYONE, so we can get our ideas down by Anime Boston and on the web by the closing of our childhood mall! We already have a tech man, most likely, so all we need are cosplayers and potential songs!
Below is a list of songs I thought of surfing the web and going through my playlist. JUST SUGGESTIONS:
I Like It, but Enrique G. (No lead) 
Ninjas by The Midnight Beast  (Japan or America? as lead)
OMG Parakeet by Wassabi Productions (Spain&Prussia? as Lead)
Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz (Sweden, if he's available)
Just Loose It by Eminem (Would Take Turns)
We Made You by Eminem (America as Lead)
7th-Feb-2011 07:55 pm - Valentines Meet!?

Anyone?? Even if it's online????
21st-Oct-2010 05:47 pm - Who's there??
So, I was wondering who was coming? If you are, drop a line. It's stil iffy with me (family reasons), though if I do go, I won't have my cosplay (I haven't heard from my mom is exactly 7 weeks now, so yeah.....).
With the location, right now it seems like Watch Hill Carousel, as of now.... I would say around noon? Anyone else agree?
We need to get this how on the road, so go ahead and talk to me! =D
13th-Oct-2010 01:40 pm - October 24th
I am absolutely AWESOME.
Bored, so I Wiki'd Oct. 24 - Hetalia Day. Thought I'd be annoying and show you guys ^L^

Among a great number of peace treaties and battles, there was:
And then there was the slew of births and deaths from the APH countries

Anyway, we need to get on this, people....Anyone else offering up location ideas???
30th-Sep-2010 06:55 pm - Places, people! Places!
I am absolutely AWESOME.
So, any location ideas for our little get-together? We're from all over it seems, and RI is so small that anywhere is fine. ;)

My ideas!!!!
-- Newport. Those buildings are cosplay heaven, though I've never been to them, so I don't know if we, like, can't take pictures or wander.
-- For Wetherall. WW2 relic, peeps!

Those are places I know offhand. I don't get around much at all, so go ahead, type your favorite RI place in that comment box!
28th-Sep-2010 12:37 pm - Introductions, People!!!
So, while lurking on the internet I found Hetalia day, and I wanted to know if there as an event in Rhode Island, and somehow there wasn't! So here I am!
This is where we'll figure out times, places, and update crap, of course. Anyone who'd like to attend is welcome to stalk this community...um....Yes, I did make the header...(Bow down to my awesome skillz). ...Post anytime you have an idea, guys! AND SPREAD THE WORD.

So, how about some introductions??

I'm Christine (...I hate that name, call me Barney...not that it's any better). I'm 14, and I live in West Warwick (If you stalk me, ima kill you. I am a stalker myself, and I'm so cool I got dispatch units). I'm a history geek and I'm currently in foster care, so I'm stretching my neck out here, seeing as the family I live with is going to disapprove of this so badly X).  Also, I love to draw and write and I do videos on youtube as xFadingLaughterx or AbstractxOrchastra. ;) See you guys around!
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